Friday, 31 October 2014

DIY Non-Slip Jewellery Hanger

Happy Halloween!
I might as well use my first post to go straight into a DIY :) I apologise for the bad photos - I took them in bad lighting because I was so impatient to finish the DIY! I did this ages ago but have only finished the post now.

So I have a jewellery stand but it is already crammed full of my bracelets, let alone being too short to hold my long necklaces. I decided to create my own necklace hanger from a white metal hanger. This was the original version.

Unfortunately as you can guess, it would get quite annoying to balance the weights of the necklaces or risk this happening every time I accidentally knocked the hanger:

I needed something at regular intervals along the wire to stop the necklaces from sliding about. Bluetack? Too ugly and impractical. Glue dots along the wire? The glue would just lose its shape and drop off (I didn't have a hot glue gun at the time; if I did, I might have tried that). I then thought of beads so I collected what I had and separated them into all their shapes and styles. I only had child's crafting beads from years ago so I knew I would have to paint them white to match the hanger.
I chose the type of bead I wanted based on what fit best on the wire - I tested on the head of the hanger (and how many I had of each bead!). The next step was to paint each bead white.

 I spaced out some beads along the hanger and got my pliers at the ready. I then made a mark on the wire where each bead was and cut the wire at the centre mark.

 ... to get this:

Then I painted gel medium (you can use strong glue or even hot glue) on each mark on both sides and slid each bead over its mark, before sealing the gaps further with more gel medium. Like this:

After every bead (except the centre) was stuck on I rested the hanger on some of my equipment and let the glue dry.

Now for the centre bead! I slid on the centre bead to one side (see arrow), glued the two halves of the hanger together and held it in place to dry with a peg. Yeah... it didn't work. The two halves just sprang back open again. So I ended up just painting on some more glue, sliding the bead on and coating it with extra glue, doing several layers as it dried.

And this is the final result! I decided to hang it on the back of my wardrobe door with the help of a clear wall hanging clip.

It works much better now - I still kind of have to balance the weights of the necklaces but at least they don't slide around and tip the whole hanger.
Well that concludes my first tutorial! I will hopefully get into the routine of posting some good ideas regularly. See you in the next post :)

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