Sunday, 2 November 2014

DIY Glass Bottle Vase with different variations

I'd feel a bit patronising if I acted like this needs a proper step-by-step guide as it's pretty clear to guess how you can do this. I just thought of doing this craft for myself and thought I might as well share it on here. I also have ideas on other things you can add to the vase.
We had some empty wine bottles that I really wanted to us as they have a turquoise tint which would match my room colour. I also had some fake flowers that were given to me to craft with by my aunt years ago, that I hadn't had any idea of how to use them until now.

So here's all you'll need:

If you don't have any tinted bottles then here are some good tutorials on how to colour glass:

Firstly remove all labels from the bottle unless you think they look good. I tried this by soaking the bottle in soapy hot water for a while, about 15 - 20 minutes, and the labels came off perfectly. I would try this method and test the labels every now and then until they come off with little or no residue. I would then used a scrubbing brush and more washing up liquid to gently scrub off any leftover residue.
If this doesn't work then others have tried using hot water and baking soda, or using nail varnish remover. Remember to scratch off any printed-on markings such as numbers or dates.
Then all that's needed is to trim the flower stems to your liking and place the finished vase in your desired place. I thought mine looked quite empty so I tried adding some white fairy lights inside and I really liked the effect.

Why not try filling the bottle up with gemstones? Unfortunately I didn't have enough stones to give a nice enough effect so I tried another idea which you can do - pebbles and shells. I think this gives a relaxed beachy feel, and I've kept these in here for now.


Obviously you can use real flowers instead of fake ones, just remember to refresh the water - and don't mix it with fairy lights! Hope you enjoy if you try this :)

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